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Willow Curve | Family Trade-In

Willow Curve | Family Trade-In

Willow Curve | Family Trade-In


The Willow Curve family trade-in offer is a special and for a limited time.  This allows you to upgrade to a new Willow Curve and trade in your old unit (no questions asked about the condition of the return) at a special Willow Curve Family price of $449. plus tax and shipping.

$449. with your trade-in plus shipping.


Complete with Willow Curve, charging dock, power supply, battery, attachment strap, quick start guide, and pain management guide.


Step 1. Place your order to reserve your brand new Willow Curve. The return information you will need to send your current unit back will be provided after checkout.

Step 2. (After placing order) Please carefully package the entire device and accessories, and ship back to us. Please note, you do not need to include the battery.

Then, write your name on the outside of the box as it appears on your order. This will allow for faster processing when we receive it. (On the outside of the box, write:  TI/month/year/lastname, example : TI0419Smith. This will help us to know that it is your trade in when we receive your unit)

Ship your Willow Curve to our fulfilments department:

Willow Labs LLC / Trade-In Department

749 S Monroe St

Monroe MI 48161.

If you would prefer not to wait for us to receive your old unit to ship your new one, just give us a call at (734) 241-5060.  Have your tracking number handy so shipment can be verified and we will ship your new Willow Curve before we physically receive your trade in.  Your word is good.

We are glad to have you with us as part of the Willow Curve family and be able to offer you this valuable opportunity.  Thank you.