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Willow Curve. Power Up Against Knee Pain Right at Home. Call Us at (888) 752-1280


Willow Curve. Power Up Against Knee Pain Right at Home. Call Us at (888) 752-1280


Stay Home Where It's Safe, Relax From the Pain With Your Willow Curve.

3-Year Replacement Warranty

You Can Use Use Your Flex Spending/HSA Card at the Checkout.

Questions?  Call us at (888) 752-1280

Rather Rent a Willow Curve Month to Month?  Cancel When You Want.  $49 per month plus $20 one time shipping.  CLICK HERE.

The Willow Curve is an advanced non-invasive device for temporary pain relief.  It targets the source of the painful joint and helps your body release its own pain relieving power for temporary pain relief. It has been selected by tens of thousands of people to relieve their joint pain and boost their quality of life the power.  It's simple to use.  Push a button and place it on your painful joint.  The advanced Willow Curve technology goes to work as you relax, decompress, and watch some uplifting TV, a video or your other favorite entertainment.  

The Willow Curve is a high end device for pain for home use.  It is assembled at an ISO Certified 13485 facility in the USA.

Your Willow Curve is ready to use right out of the box includes the preloaded software, charging dock, power supply, battery, and strap, and quick start.   

The Willow Curve is designed to give you and your family years of pain relief with normal care.  Your New Willow Curve comes complete with our 3-Year No Questions Asked Replacement Warranty.

Special Message:

As a valued member of the Willow family, we appreciate the trust you place in us and in the Willow Curve for your pain management needs.  

In the current environment, it’s important for all of us to be extra diligent so as not to spread germs. That’s why we want to personally advise you to clean your Willow Curve regularly, perhaps even after each use since often others in the family may use the same Willow Curve.

Thank you for your continued trust in Willow Curve. Please share the message with friends and family and check for updated information at  

www.willowcurve.com or call us at (888) 752-1280.  Thank you and please be safe.

Willow Curve