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device-satisfactionMONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

The Willow CurveTM is a FDA registered medical device.  It is offered for a purchase price of $599 and includes the complete Willow CurveTM device, operating software, and accessories. Shipping fees not included.

Best results come from daily use to start then reducing the number of weekly treatments as your condition improves.  Resume more frequent treatments if your condition flairs for more sustained relief.

Use your Willow CurveTM as suggested for best results and feel free to consult the Willow CurveTM support team if you have treatment questions.

Willow CurveTM is a precision medical device and you must use it with care.  If in the unlikely event you want to return your Willow CurveTM you must request an RMA number in advance so that we receive your Willow Curve back by the 60th day following receipt.  Call us at (734) 241-5060 to request an RMA number.

You will be responsible for return shipping charges back to us. Make sure your Willow CurveTM is in the original condition and includes: the Willow Curve TM, Willow CurveTM Charging Base, original battery, original power supply, packaging and instructional materials.  If there is evidence of opening with or tampering with the electronics, your return offer will be void. Only retail orders placed directly through Physician’s Technology, LLC, or through our website are eligible for this money back guarantee. All other orders must be returned to the original vendor that you purchased your Willow Curve TM.



Your Willow Curve is guaranteed to arrive to you in perfect condition. If your instrument is not working properly for any reason, we will replace it immediately and free of charge. All Willow Curve devices are precision manufactured in the United States at an ISO9000 facility, so we are confident that the likelihood of a manufacturing defect is uncommon.