Willow Curve® Digital Smart Laser Complete


Optional – Extended Warranty

Every Willow Curve® comes with a standard one year limited warranty https://willowcurve.com/terms and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support. WillowCare is available to the original purchaser of a Willow Curve® for issues not covered under the standard warranty. Read the terms of the Optional WillowCare buyer protection program in the product description below.

The Willow Curve® is the world’s first computer for joint pain. Safe, effective and used by tens of thousands of people each day, the Willow Curve® delivers temporary relief from joint pain, without drugs or side effects. While therapeutic lasers in hospitals and clinics can cost more than $3,000, with out-of-pocket expense totaling $100 per treatment session, the Willow Curve® is effective for thousands of treatments, right in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Your New Willow Curve® Digital Smart Laser Complete Includes:

  • Willow Curve® Digital Smart Laser (with pre-installed operating system)
  • Charging Base
  • Wall Adapter (A/C power)
  • Battery Pack (for on-the-go use)
  • Knee Strap
  • User Guide (developed by physicians and easy to understand)
  • Progress Chart
  • 1-Hour Toll-Free Physician-Supervised Professional Support
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty

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Product Description

Whereas opioids and NSAID painkillers stimulate pain receptors throughout the entire body, often fatiguing the system and requiring greater, potentially addictive doses, the Willow Curve® relieves acute and chronic pain by blocking it locally at the nerve level.

The Willow Curve® is applied to the surface of the skin and produces multi-spectrum energies that are absorbed by the tissue and joint, interrupting the pain signal and stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

Just as the body responds to medications taken by the mouth, through the skin or by injection, it also responds to energy that passes through the tissue. Most energy-based therapies, such as high-powered therapeutic lasers and proton beam therapies, produce a concentrated beam used for applications that go beyond pain signal interruption therapy (PSIT). Because these energy beams are uniform, the body’s sensory system tends to block them out within moments, through a process called adaptation.

The Willow Curve® , however, uses unique, proprietary energies programmed by algorithms and specifically designed for muscles, ligaments and nerves. The Willow Curve’s® multi-spectrum energies are dynamic, changing thousands of times per second. Because of this, adaptation subsides and the sensory system becomes more receptive to the therapeutic energies. Each Willow Curve® session builds on the next, creating a cumulative effect that eases pain and stimulates the natural healing process.

What Effect Does the Willow Curve® Produce?

Though many Willow Curve® patients sense an immediate improvement in pain level and mobility, commit to using your Willow Curve® daily for optimal results. Often, years of opioid use or abuse, skeletal or muscle injury, and architectural issues require ongoing Willow treatment to ease your pain. Over time, you may not need to use your Willow Curve® as often.

Physiological Benefits of Willow Curve® Therapy

Pain Reduction
Pain is unique to each patient. Be aware of your pain level before each treatment session and record your improvement. Pay attention your body’s improvement signals. Click here for “Stay in Touch With Your Body” card

Increase Range of Motion
Track your improvement by recording your range of motion after each treatment as well as at the gym and during other athletic activities.

Neuromuscular Release
Willow Curve® therapy sessions help reduce muscle tension, lactic acid buildup in the joints and micro-inflammatory particles trapped in your joints that cause pain. As blood flow to the joint improves, these particles are removed through the normal physiological and elimination process.

Reduction in Swelling
Often, patients report a marked improvement in swelling of the joint. Do a close visual examination before and after treatments and you may notice reduced swelling.

Improved Healing
While your Willow Curve® will not regrow cartilage or repair torn ligaments, you may sense that your personal ability to heal has improved. This is an important key indicator for post-joint replacement patients.

As in the case of all therapies, if you feel you have a medical condition consult your physician prior to starting any treatment. Do not use in the presence of infection.


Willow Curve® Extended Warranty

Every Willow Curve® comes with a standard one year limited warranty https://willowcurve.com/terms and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support. WillowCare is available to the original purchaser of a Willow Curve® for issues not covered under the standard warranty. The terms of the Optional WillowCare buyer protection program are as follows:

  • $99 program enrollment fee subject to applicable tax;
  • The original purchaser of the Willow Curve® is entitled to one (1) Service Event of accidental damage from handling (ADH) that are not covered by the standard Willow limited warranty. The ADH is subject to a $229 service fee plus shipping and applicable tax.
  • The plan automatically expires at the time of the ADH or two years from the original Willow Curve® purchase date whichever comes first.

How to get WillowCare

  1. You may purchase WillowCare together with your new Willow Curve® , and you will be automatically registered for the plan. Add it to your shopping cart during the checkout process when you purchase your new Willow Curve® .
  2. Or, buy it within 30 days of your original Willow Curve® purchase date.

Technical Support

Willow is the creator and exclusive worldwide distributor of the Willow Curve® family of bio-therapeutic digital anti-inflammatory smart devices with fully integrated capabilities to diagnose and support your Willow Curve®.

  • Direct access to Willow experts
  • Mail-in repair: Mail in your Willow Curve®, including the charging station and power supply. If available please use the original Willow Curve® packaging.
  • Express replacement service subject to an additional charge.

WillowCare Hardware Coverage

WillowCare provides repair or replacement coverage, both parts and labor, using Willow technical experts. Choice of repair or replacement will be determined solely by Willow technical experts. Replacement will be with a factory recertified unit. Service coverage includes:

  • Your Willow Curve®
  • Your Willow Curve® Charging Station.